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I have come to loath this curse, this black cloud that infects my mind, my body and my being. Because that's what it is. A black cloud. Depression is a curse.

The Curse That Plagues Me

My goal for this blog was to be open and honest. Life is not always about the highs, everyone has ebbs and flows throughout their daily lives and it is unrealistic to expect otherwise. This blog will also have the ups and downs of this roller coaster we call life, it will reflect the realities […]

To My 16 Year Old Self

To My 16 Year Old Self

An open letter/list to my 16 year old self: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self if you could is something that I see on a lot of blog challenges. I have tried (and failed miserably) a few times to complete a blog challenge. The reason why I don’t stick with […]

Every phase in our lives we can learn from and grow as a human, no matter how hard that phase may be.

Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storms I’ve got a few friends and myself who are going through different things right now, I guess that is part of life. We weather the storms, the ups and downs. It is how we get through them that is the most important part. I’m a believer in lessons learned, not regrets made. […]