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Aloha! You have made it to my Little Travels section. Well done, a big thumbs up to you!
The name of my blog, Little Adventures, encompasses what I am trying to achieve. It is not always about the big adventures, the expensive holidays, it is about the little adventures we can have every day if we look for them. We can find little adventures in every nook and cranny and they are what make life fun.
Life is about making the most of what you have and what you can do and big adventures aren’t always realistic for a lot of people. We can be tourists in our own backyard, we can look at our own little alcove of the world with new eyes. We can explore the well-trodden path we take time and time again and find new adventures each season.
So join me on an adventure, sometimes small and sometimes big, but we shall have them together.
7 free(ish) things to do and see in London

London: 7 free(ish) things to do

Who doesn’t love a little London? Take me to them and I will sort them out for you. As part of my London Series, I am going to give you my personal favourite 7 free(ish) things to do and see from my wonderful tourist and only been twice in my life perspective. We wanted to […]

France: From Morlaix to Rosscoff

From Morlaix to Plymouth

Day 2 Day 2 of Morlaix, France Jim and I had decided we’d seen enough landmarks and wanted to see something a bit different. So we opted for the scenic tourist option for the day. We found a local supermarket and stocked up on local goodies, chucked in the nearest beach on the sat-nav and […]

The great snow hunt

Waking up to expectations It’s been a cold and dreary month here in little ole New Zealand. So we decided to take advantage of the recent snowfall around the country and go for a wee drive out to Apiti for the greatly promised Snow Hunt. We woke up with great expectations that this was the […]