7 free(ish) things to do and see in London

London: 7 free(ish) things to do

Who doesn’t love a little London? Take me to them and I will sort them out for you. As part of my London Series, I am going to give you my personal favourite 7 free(ish) things to do and see from my wonderful tourist and only been twice in my life perspective. We wanted to […]

France: From Morlaix to Rosscoff

From Morlaix to Plymouth

Day 2 Day 2 of Morlaix, France Jim and I had decided we’d seen enough landmarks and wanted to see something a bit different. So we opted for the scenic tourist option for the day. We found a local supermarket and stocked up on local goodies, chucked in the nearest beach on the sat-nav and […]

The Puzzle Pieces of Us

My mind likens us to a puzzle, for us, as humans, to be complete, all the pieces of the puzzle need to fit together. We have many different facets that make us human, our social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual being all come into play to make us whole and who we are.