Welcome to Little Adventures, my name is Jem. Join me on this journey we call life, the ups, downs and adventures in between.



The name of my blog, Little Adventures, encompasses what I am trying to achieve. It is not always about the big adventures, the expensive holidays (thought those are great!), it is about the little adventures we can have every day if we look for them. We can find little adventures in every nook and cranny and they are what makes life fun. Life is about making the most of what you have and what you can do and big adventures aren’t always realistic for a lot of people. We can be tourists in our own backyard, we can look at our own little alcove of the world with new eyes, we can explore the well trodden path we take time and time again and find new adventures each season.
So join me on an adventure, sometimes small and sometimes big, but we shall have them together.

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